5000M Green

How do you raise £5,000 million for revolutionary technology in the automotive industry in Britain? How can you solve the climate change crisis in Britain, with new technology, when money is difficult to raise at a time of world economic crisis following the coronavirus?

Rumbler designer and founder Michael Bond answers the challenge in this video as part of his presentations to private investors.

Smart Motorway Survival

A tip for surviving a vehicle breakdown on Britain’s so-called “smart” motorways.

Date: Wednesday, 11th, March, 2020

With huge fears over the safety of so-called “smart” motorways we need to be alert to every threat in case of breakdown. Here Michael Bond, founder of Rumbler Cars, offers some additional advice on how to keep yourself alive in the event you are trapped on these killer roads waiting for rescue.

If you can’t get out of the car safely then try this.

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Government Threatens Future of British Car Industry

Does the “Green” Government Threaten The Future of The British Car Industry?

PRESS RELEASE – Date: Saturday, 22nd, February, 2020

In the last couple of weeks the British government have announced their plans to forbid further manufacture of motor vehicles with petrol, diesel and hybrid engines by 2035, or 2032, depending on the sources quoted.

Have they considered the effects of this plan?

Hear the thoughts from Michael Bond, Rumbler Cars founder and designer of the Rumbler Sport Tank.

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Davos 2020

Davos – Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg and Michael Bond

Which one is saving the world?

PRESS RELEASE – Date: Thursday, 23rd, January, 2020

This week at the Davos World Economic Forum HRH Prince Charles had a meeting with climate activist Greta Thunberg.  He spoke at the event and announced the need for a ‘game-changing’ paradigm shift in the world economy to solve its environmental problems. She spoke at the event and declared that the world was doing ‘basically nothing’ to solve climate change.  Meanwhile, in the small town of Stockport in the North of England, technology innovator Michael Bond was working on the very solutions they were seeking. He believes that his vision could solve the threat of climate change and bring the world closer to a carbon neutral environmental balance within forty years.

Climate change IS being solved. Game-changing financial and technological models are being developed by the likes of Michael Bond to transform the world. 

Bond’s plan relies on raising the funds from the same people with whom the Prince and Ms Thunberg were speaking in the past few days – the wealthy, powerful and influential. His method is to create the technology to fix climate change in the automotive industry, package it in an unique supercar design and deliver it world-wide to every investor, collector, or enthusiast that wants to enjoy the experience of owning something outstanding and contribute to the new technological innovations that will solve the issues.

The car he has designed over the last few years is a luxury supercar inspired by comic book fantasy images of the ‘Batmobile’ – a bold and dramatic vision to inspire the world, which he calls the Rumbler Sport Tank. The Sport Tank will begin with an advanced hybrid engine to improve the efficiency of current technology, progressing to Hydrogen Fuel Cells and other concepts.

As a ‘game-changing’ business model to satisfy a royal Prince, Rumbler’s wealthy VIP customers will enjoy the superhero adventure, with a Limited Edition production run of the Sport Tank. Its sales around the world will raise substantial development funding and help to crack some of the world’s climate change problems en-route.

Michael is planning currently a launch of the Rumbler to the public, with a crowd funding appeal. As there are millions of Batman and supercar enthusiasts around the world, he sees plenty of opportunities for the public to join him, to share in the adventure and rewards of creating a modern ‘Batmobile’ for real. 

Naturally, it does come in black.

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Tesla Question

Did Elon Musk and Tesla Motors get the design inspiration for their CyberTruck from British designer Michael Bond’s Rumbler Sport Tank?

At the end of 2019 Tesla Motors launched their speculative concept design for the CyberTruck, complete with not-bulletproof windows. But one question that came up in certain quarters in England was – did Tesla get their inspiration from US? Did Tesla take ideas from Rumbler?

Let’s take a look at the two and then compare details.

Illustration of Rumbler versus Cybertruck

The wedge shape is apparent, and while the Rumbler aims to have real bulletproof windows for its VIP owners, the Tesla just has broken glass. That’s where the external comparison stops. The Tesla CyberTruck is promoted as just an electric pickup truck, the Rumbler is a Very Different beast. Here are the highlights.

IS it bulletproof?

Rumbler: Yes. Full protection for our VIP owners and superheroes against all those Jokers in the world.

Tesla: Obviously NOT, as clearly demonstrated by the inimitable Mr Musk himself on the day of the launch.

Is it wedge-shaped?

Rumbler: Yes. Because it looks amazing, awesome and great for deflection of bullets to protect our VIPs.

Tesla: Yes, but we have not idea why, it’s supposed to be a pickup truck, a more practical shape would have been the better choice.

IS it blastproof?

Rumbler: Yes. Our VIP protection extends to the body shape and structure to resist, deflect and diffuse the blastwaves of smaller to moderate-sized IEDs.

Tesla: Given the performance of the windows let’s say NO.

IS it practical off-road?

Rumbler: Yes. It has the same ground clearance ratio of height to wheelbase of a Range Rover, so that should suit most uses for chasing jokers through the night or escaping a zombie apocalypse/ LA traffic.

Tesla: Well, erm, it doesn’t look that practical, maybe good for a potter around the garden.

IS it comfortable?

Rumbler: Yes. It’s a luxury grand tourer wrapped in the shell of an armoured car. Should keep the zombies on the outside and you wrapped in comfort within.

Tesla: If you like that kind of thing.

Has it a good range?

Rumbler: Yes. Intended for long range safaris across deserts, steppe and more. Ideally, if you handle it well, should give you around 500-800 miles.

Tesla: It’s electric, they’re good for a couple of hundred miles, on a good day. And you can stop and enjoy the scenery while you recharge it, somewhere.

How big is it?

Rumbler: Bigger than a Range Rover. That’s the 2-seat version. The 4-seat version is bigger than that.

Two-Seat is:-
Width: 8′ 9″
Height: 5′ 9″
Length: 17′ 9″

Tesla: Yeah, that too.

Double-cab (5/6-seater?) is:-
Width: 6′ 7.8″
Height: 6′ 3″
Length: 19′ 11.7″

Is it environmentally friendly?

Rumbler: Yes, a veg/bio-fuelled hybrid with cleaner engine, cleaner exhaust, battery system, roof deck solar panels, and much more to-come. Use it anywhere in the world.

Tesla: It’s got batteries. That’s it.

It is stealth?

Rumbler: Yes. If you’re a superhero or VIP and need to escape and evade all those pesky jokers in the world this is the car for you. (Be careful out there.)

Tesla: No, it’s a pick up truck.

What’s the price?

Rumbler: If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it. But we both know you’re wealthy beyond dreams. Come and join us for your superhero adventure.

Tesla: $100 deposit, then add the price of a couple of Apple computers with all the options.

Do you have a big development team?

Rumbler: One man in England designed it all.

Tesla: Yes, the design team is amazing, look what they designed!

How much did it cost to develop ?

Rumbler: Thousands of pounds in English money. (Investors welcome to come and join.)

Tesla: Thousands of millions of dollars, can’t you see it in the design?

The Rumbler has been in development for several years as its creator Michael Bond worked alone to master the skills and prepare to raise the funds. Tesla in the meantime has access to thousands of millions of dollars in funding and a huge workforce.

If you dream of the ultimate superhero’s supercar then come and join Team Rumbler and share the adventure today.

Green Invest

There is no climate change apocalypse, except in the hysteria of politicians, tabloid press and climate change activists.

While the United Nations holds another Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Mardrid, scientists, engineers and designers all around the world are working to solve the problems of climate change and avert future disaster.

You will not hear their voice from the wilderness as the world’s press attention focuses on a bunch of highly-paid diplomats, climate scientists and consultants talk a lot about the problems they’ve identified in their offices.

The world of scientists, engineers and designers are solving the challenges of climate change, but you will never hear of their work while this apocalyptic hysteria dominates the world political and public agenda.

Michael Bond’s work at Rumbler Cars was inspired by the Batmobile from the Dark Knight movies. His ambition, with your support, is to create a bold and dramatic supercar that embodies new concepts in engine and hybrid power trains. Greater efficiency, lower pollution and other improvements will contribute to the transition for a healthier, saner and more prosperous world.

There is NO climate apocalypse, there IS The Rumbler Sport Tank.

Green Mirror

There is no climate change apocalypse, except in the hysteria of politicians, tabloid press and climate change activists.

After yet another hysterical Special Edition published in British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror supercar designer Michael Bond makes this video as his counter-statement.

The world of scientists, engineers and designers are solving the challenges of climate change, but you will never hear of their work while this apocalyptic hysteria dominates the world political and public agenda.

Michael’s work at Rumbler Cars was inspired by the Batmobile from the Dark Knight movies. His ambition, with your support, is to create a bold and dramatic supercar that embodies new concepts in engine and hybrid power trains. Greater efficiency, lower pollution and other improvements will contribute to the transition for a healthier, saner and more prosperous world.

There is NO climate apocalypse, there IS The Rumbler Sport Tank.

Remember Tommy

Announcement: 7th, November, 2018.

Michael Bond, Founder of Rumbler has worked with British war veterans and their families to launch a new awareness campaign.  "Remember Tommy" aims to raise awareness about the issues facing military veterans and their families throughout the country, and fill gaps in service and support to veterans.

After a conversation at the end of October 2018 with a local war veteran and discovering the tragic rate of suicide amongst young ex-service people, Michael was prompted to act and assemble the people for the campaign.  With the support of Manchester-based Galleon Studios Michael and a group of volunteer veterans and veterans' families have produced a new promotional film to raise public awareness.

The long term ideal of the campaign focuses on complementing existing services and helping fill gaps in service and support to veterans and their families.  In conversations during this process Michael discovered that one vital need was for a signposting service to network and link all other groups and make it as easy as possible for those in need to reach the support available for them.  Michael hopes that he will be able to give more support to veterans and help create new services on the back of the launch and success of the Rumbler.

Watch the film "Remember Tommy" now: https://youtu.be/MO-cNZFuhh8


FinTech Developer Opportunity

IT, FinTech, and other fun techy buzzwords!

Opportunity for programming tech-developers to come and work with Rumbler.

Are you a Manchester/North West England-based technology developer/team? Are you looking for a new opportunity to grow and share in the rewards of Rumbler’s vision of a new supercar?

Are you willing to take up the challenge of helping bring new investment and prosperity into the region?

You’ve read all about the plans for a revolutionary new supercar with an advanced environmentally-friendly engine?

Would you like to join the founder Michael Bond in building the next step in this ambitious programme?

Rumbler are going to create the Team: supporters, fans, enthusiast who want to share in the adventure of creating the most dramatic supercar in the world. A team of investors and supporters from around the world.

This is your opportunity to be part of that process and build that core technology for the public to come from around the world and share in this adventure with us.

Rather than seek investment from the venture capital community, then pay for a programming team to undertake the development, we will cut out the intermediaries and invite you to invest your time and skill in helping take this project to the next step.

YOU, not the investors, will receive the rewards. You can share in this journey with us.

The plan is to create a new, high security dedicated online crowd funding portal for this unique project. This is not a white label of the standard crowd funding systems, it is a dedicated online service and portal into our world of adventure. This portal will fill a gap in the market left open when the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo moved upmarket and were deluged by well-funded mini-ventures, mostly from California and China, swamping them and drowning out real innovators.

The commercial crowd funding services, such as Seedrs and Crowd Cube, are equally inadequate to the unique visionary task of our demands.

Now we will build a new portal for investors to come directly to Rumbler and the supercar to save the world.

The portal will allow the public to subscribe to the project, become micro-investors, manage their investments, share in our unique private channel of news, films, updates and opportunities, participate in an online community, offer ideas and suggestions and much more.

If you feel you have the skills and time to set aside in the next few months and you’re interested in discussing this with Michael then drop a line and we’ll arrange a suitable opportunity to meet up.

NOTE that strict commercial rules and professional standards of confidentiality, security and technical stability will apply. We are creating a secure portal for the public around the world to come and join us. Ideally you will already have some experience in this field. We cannot afford to show any disrespect for their participation in this vision of a new supercar and their ongoing participation in this effort as our supporters and partners

For you the rewards will be as generous as for all our seed investors.

Contact Now

Contact Rumbler with your details and enquiry to discuss.

The Climate Change Engine

Tuesday, 25th, December, 2018

It's Christmas Day and today I have a small Christmas present for the planet - a potential 20% reduction in urban air pollution for delivery within eight years at no cost to tax-payers.

A New Engine, A Solution Now

For the last few years I've been working on the design for the Rumbler Sport Tank. Partly for the challenge of creating something beautiful, partly to solve the issues of urban traffic air pollution.

At the heart of this is a new concept in efficient engine design. While some parties are more concerned about the adoption of electric power I see this as too far way to solve the problems of air pollution today. The engine is my answer, and today I calculated what it would cost and how quickly it might take to implement in the UK.



The £42 milliard solution

I believe from my own estimates that the engine will deliver an efficiency of up to 20%, reducing fuel consumption and air pollution by that amount. The logistical challenge is how to get the engine into enough vehicles and produce a tangible change in the world today.

This was the solution I completed this morning on my daily stroll around the park.

Swap out all the engines.

Don't spend so much time trying to re-invent the vehicles with fashionable new technologies, artificial intelligence, magical batteries and much more, just swap out all the engines.

Let's say there are twenty-one million vehicles on the roads in the UK. Each engine and the cost of installation might be upto £2,000. That is a total cost of forty-two thousand million pounds. This can be afforded using financial offset programmes through Rumbler and Sterling-Bond (my financial management company).

To build and replace twenty-one million vehicles of all types would be a huge exercise, but to swap out all the engines would be far quicker and easier to accomplish. I suspect it could be done within a handful of years, far quicker than trying to replace every vehicle in the UK.

If successful the programme can be rolled out across the planet relatively quickly.

A Logistical Programme

This is no vain exercise, the programme of delivery would be carefully managed to give the maximum benefit in the shortest time. Do this by delivering the engines to the most popular and air polluting vehicles first.



The most popular small vehicles in the UK: Ford Fiestas, the Mini.

Roll out to commercial vehicles, lorries and wagons.

Delivery vans for the scores of online mail-order companies nowadays, choking our cities with their white vans.

Deliver to co-operative manufactures at the same time, rolling out new cars as old ones receive their swaps.

No Problem

There is nothing exciting about this. It is a simple exercise in manufacturing and logistics to roll the engines out as quickly as possible. The funding for this is readily available once the core technology is mastered and the factories are tooled up.

This is why I continue to promote the first step - the Rumbler Sport Tank.

My project is intended to kick-start this process and deliver the technology to the world. If you have any interest in sharing the adventure I invite you to spread the world and come and join me. While the politicians and the diplomats scratch their heads over the Paris Accord thingy we'll get on and solve the world's problems.

Join the Team, Share the Dream.

The Rumbler Sport Tank - The Batmobile for Real.


Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Footnote - Cost-Benefit Calculation

For comparison, the investment benefit of this programme (£42 milliards) is far less than the proposed cost of the HS2 railway plan (estimated at £56 to £76 milliards, and growing daily) while offering a cleaner environment more quickly to meet new government targets under the Paris Accord. The potential benefits of exports post-BREXIT are far inexcess of the HS2 programme investment, which appears to offer no direct export income.

Cost of this programme to the Treasury is minimal while HS2 will cost huge sums of money to borrow and repay, plus interest.