Rumbler Sport Tank, Prowling Through The Night

“Become A Road Warrior.”

Welcome to Rumbler Cars and the home of the Rumbler Sport Tank.  Inspired by the fictional Batmobile (Yes, it does come in black) this is the practical realization of the ultimate Superhero Utility Vehicle (SUV).  A car dedicated to all playboy and playgirl billionaire superheroes and heroines in the world who dream of the power, the drama and performance of a road tank as they race through the night to save the world from all the jokers.

“Let’s save the world together.”

Buy the Sport Tank, become a road warrior and save the world.  This is not a casual fantasy car or impractical film prop, the Sport Tank is a high performance, luxury crossover British supercar.  The Sport Tank has been designed to embody the latest in personal security and hybrid environmentally-friendly technologies, reducing fuel consumption and air pollution, increasing performance and more.  Every customer is a hero in supporting this project to bring new technologies to the world’s problems.

“Team Up!”

Contribute to the Sport Tank’s development, become a supporter and join Team Rumbler.  Help with this unique supercar project and share in the dream of turning fantasy into reality.  Let’s save the world together.

“Join us today and share in the adventure of a lifetime.”

The Rumbler Sport Tank has been designed by British technology enthusiast and financial professional Michael Bond to kickstart a new generation in advanced automotive design and innovation.  The Sport Tank will be built to the highest standard by the best crafts specialist in the UK.