505 Technical

Illustration of Rumbler 505 Sport Tank - Brochure

“Hush, Don’t Let The Jokers Hear You Coming!”

THE FICTION: The superhero roars through the night, the violent sound of his engine crashing echoes across the city as the flames blaze out and flicker on the silhouette of the darkened cityscape. And every crook and joker in a thousand streets can hear the superhero coming, giving them ample warning to sneak away into the night until the next time.

“The Stealth Supercar!”

THE REALITY: The Rumbler 505 Sport Tank is a stealth car for our true superheroes and heroines to creep up on all the jokers in the world. Combining a high performance, high efficiency engine that delivers the long range power needed to chase through the night, with a hybrid power system that gives near silent stealth driving through dark city streets.  The Sport Tank is designed as the stealth supercar of choice for all modern saviours of civilization.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

The engine, buried in its sound-deadening compartment, with its muffled exhaust (smokescreens – optional extra), delivers the power and range with lower fuel consumption in a new design configuration that reduces urban air pollution.

The hybrid electric power system will set new standards in delivery and range, leading the way to a future of even better, longer range performance to meet the exacting demands of climate change.

“Lighting The Way Into The Future.”

Modern car indicator lights are getting weaker and more indistinct.

Is it the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes), or streamlined light clusters that are diffusing the light, but nowadays modern cars seem to have smaller, weaker, fainter indicator lights than in previous generations.

In the Sport Tank this is addressed as boldly and dramatically as the rest of the car.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

WHEEL POWER: Wheels are electric driven or have power hubs within them and so electricity is present for an array of indicator/fog/warning/running lights around the wheel hub. At every turn the wheel hubs flash a bold, bright and distinctive warning to other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists.

“Warning, Be Safe Out There.”

One day perhaps it will be adopted as a standard amongst all electric-powered cars.

And while you are racing through the night on a quest to bring justice to the world, or just out for another kind of party, you can warn everyone to keep safely out of the way.

The wing light panels and wheel hub LEDs are just the outer lighting feature for the Sport Tank.  At the nose the car mounts high powered headlights and LED arrays.  Suited for the widest range of driving conditions, with infrared and other features to be developed, the headlights will track with the front wheels as you steer around any corner while the secondary beams keep a wide sweep of the road visible for all heroes to avoid bumping into any innocents, people or sheep in the night.

“Even Daylight Can Be Made Safer..?”

Road safety enthusiasts want safe roads and cars to run with lights in daytime. (I won’t discuss the environmental effects of draining power, increasing engine output and producing more air pollution to deliver this when measured over millions of cars on the road every single day for years to-come. – Michael)

IOmage of Rumbler 505 Sport Tank focus on headlight cluster design.

The Rumbler Sport Tank achieves this running safety with its broad wings of light.

“Wings Of Light.”

Serving as running lights, and, boosted to higher power, enhanced fog lights, the Rumbler’s wing’s make sure you don’t go anywhere unnoticed.

(Blackout Stealth mode option for security purposes. Use only in emergency at your legal responsibility.)

SPECIAL NOTE: I have seen some European cars approaching my rear mirror and indicating a turn, but their indicator lights have been washed out by the new “safer” eco-European-approved running lights. The distinctively large size and brightness of Rumbler Sport Tank indicator panels are intended to solve this design issue. During a turn the individual LEDs of the running light panel may be programmed to “flow” in the direction of the turn to warn road users and compensate for any washout or fade-off while the indicator lights are switched on.  – Michael

“It’s A Tank!”

ARMOURED DESIGN: Inspired by the need to provide all our VIP superhero and superheroine owners with the best protection and performance the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank draws its core design from the military.  The Rumbler 505 IS a TANK!

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

While most military vehicles rely on heavy armour for protection the Sport Tank enhances its armoured shielding with a sweeping, dynamic design to deflect the force of frontal physical attack.  With a narrower nose and a profile line that sweeps out and upwards to the flared tail the body scatters the blast of small mines or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to keep the main cabin and occupants safe.

Armoured protection ought to be sufficient against most small arms, depending on what the jokers try using against our heroes, with a range of features against various assaults.

The Sport Tank is battlefield-ready.  Its ground clearance gives it cross-country capability without impairing its on-road performance.  The broad track width of the Sport Tank keeps it stable on rough terrain and in high speed performance on the road when taking sharp corners.  Adjustable suspension allows the Sport Tank to ride high, low or dragster depending on what our superheroes and heroines need to race to save the world.

“It’s A Supercar!”

LUXURY GRAND TOURER: We haven’t forgotten the needs of all playboy and playgirl owners for the best in comfort and luxury while they race through the night to save the world.  In the traditions of all luxury British supercars the Sport Tank’s armoured shielding wraps its occupants in practical deep, luxurious comfort. From sea level to the high mountains, from high temperature to deep chill the Sport Tank is ready when you are with the luxuries and comforts of a Grand Tourer to take you almost anywhere in the world.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank