505 Models

Illustration of Rumbler 505 Sport Tank - Brochure

The Rumbler 505 Sport Tank will be produced as a Limited Edition of five hundred each in two models:-

  1. The Pursuit
    A two-seat high performance road racer and crossover adventure car.
  2. The Commando
    A four-seat team/crew carrier if you need to take more than a sidekick with you.

All core technology is identical to share the benefits of the new systems across both models.

"No Little Buggy."

The Rumbler Sport Tank might look like a little dune buggy but this is no small car.  The smaller two-seat Pursuit model is larger than most regular cars on the road, certainly bigger than a Range Rover or comparable crossovers or SUVs around today.

See the following slide for comparisons.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

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