Davos 2020

Davos – Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg and Michael Bond

Which one is saving the world?

PRESS RELEASE – Date: Thursday, 23rd, January, 2020

This week at the Davos World Economic Forum HRH Prince Charles had a meeting with climate activist Greta Thunberg.  He spoke at the event and announced the need for a ‘game-changing’ paradigm shift in the world economy to solve its environmental problems. She spoke at the event and declared that the world was doing ‘basically nothing’ to solve climate change.  Meanwhile, in the small town of Stockport in the North of England, technology innovator Michael Bond was working on the very solutions they were seeking. He believes that his vision could solve the threat of climate change and bring the world closer to a carbon neutral environmental balance within forty years.

Climate change IS being solved. Game-changing financial and technological models are being developed by the likes of Michael Bond to transform the world. 

Bond’s plan relies on raising the funds from the same people with whom the Prince and Ms Thunberg were speaking in the past few days – the wealthy, powerful and influential. His method is to create the technology to fix climate change in the automotive industry, package it in an unique supercar design and deliver it world-wide to every investor, collector, or enthusiast that wants to enjoy the experience of owning something outstanding and contribute to the new technological innovations that will solve the issues.

The car he has designed over the last few years is a luxury supercar inspired by comic book fantasy images of the ‘Batmobile’ – a bold and dramatic vision to inspire the world, which he calls the Rumbler Sport Tank. The Sport Tank will begin with an advanced hybrid engine to improve the efficiency of current technology, progressing to Hydrogen Fuel Cells and other concepts.

As a ‘game-changing’ business model to satisfy a royal Prince, Rumbler’s wealthy VIP customers will enjoy the superhero adventure, with a Limited Edition production run of the Sport Tank. Its sales around the world will raise substantial development funding and help to crack some of the world’s climate change problems en-route.

Michael is planning currently a launch of the Rumbler to the public, with a crowd funding appeal. As there are millions of Batman and supercar enthusiasts around the world, he sees plenty of opportunities for the public to join him, to share in the adventure and rewards of creating a modern ‘Batmobile’ for real. 

Naturally, it does come in black.

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