Sunday, 11th, February, 2024.

In case anyone comes on this page here is a brief update on what happened.  After producing the film I moved back to focusing on the Rumbler project and creating a new business model for the public, those with suitable qualifications, to become investors.  After some trial and error this began to show interest in early 2020.  And then the world was hit by COVID, wiping out all progress.  Having caught long COVID by 2022 I was laid low for the next two years while attempting to rebuild everything.  This led to new initiatives in 2024.  Results will have to wait on events.  I still hold hope that I can return to the needs of our veterans and their experiences some time in the future.

Wednesday, 7th, November, 2018.

The project is complete, and what a wonderful experience it was to meet and work with all our volunteers.  I know it was short notice but I hope we can do more together in the future to take this idea, the help and support for veterans and their families, further.

Studio Filming Schedule

Due to last minute changes in the schedule* the original date for the film has moved from the End of October to early November.  Barring accidents the filming date will be:  Thursday, the 1st of November, 2018.

(The following is retained for historic purposes and future reference.)

An Appeal for Volunteers.

Wives, Sisters, Girlfriends, Daughters, Widows, Husbands and Boyfriends of War Veterans and ex-servicemen and women. Can you come and help in a new private initiative for crowd-funding to support our veterans?

There are many appeals for support for veterans, some good, some awful and many lack a special spark that will arouse the public and motivate them to step forward and donate to a good cause.  We need to remind the country that it remains an important issue.  Ex-service man and woman continue to need public support throughout their lives and we have to keep reminding the public how important it is to give their support when there is no other help.

Michael Bond, founder of Rumbler Cars and designer of the Rumbler supercar, has an idea to launch a new private appeal to raise money for numerous good causes around the country.  And he is organizing this campaign to reach the entire country over the next few months.

A Fund-Raising Appeal Film.

We will create a new short film to encourage the country in supporting veterans and their families, and we need your help.

We are looking for a dozen or more volunteers, all ages, all experiences, who will step up to the camera and give special voice to the public.

Do you have some time to spare at the end of this month or early next month (October/November) and can you reach our film studio conveniently located off Junction 19 of the M62?

Perhaps you have a little stage dramatics experience and you feel you will be comfortable in front of the camera for a few minutes, or you just feel strongly that something new needs to be said and the public reminded in a new way.  Well Michael has an idea for you to come and speak in a new way that he believes will reach the whole country.

It’s A Secret.

Right now the subject of film remains a secret.  We don’t want the fake charities to steal the idea, but when you step forward and discover what we plan to do, you will love it.  The focus is your voice and how your appeal will encourage the public to come and make a donation to help ex-servicemen and their families.  Don’t worry, you won’t be asking anyone for money, we will leave that entirely in the hands of everyone who will be moved by the film to step up and make a donation.

Filming – How It Works.

Firstly, leave your details here and Michael will contact you to discuss your availability and how comfortable you will be with filming in our studio.

Secondly, DON’T WORRY, nothing posh, no stress, a small, relaxed, friendly venue with just two or three friendly people to help it all run smoothly.  We hope all our volunteers will find it a fun experience.

Thirdly, our SCHEDULE is to work with two groups of volunteers from 10am through to 7pm, with a day group to about 2pm and an afternoon/evening group to 7pm, so plenty of time on the day to learn all about it, everything we hope to achieve, to relax and settle down to spend just five minutes with the camera.

You will need to be able to make your own way to our studio, parking is limited but should be enough for upto a dozen volunteers in each group.  If someone is bringing you then they can scarper off until time to pick you up later – we do not have space for large groups to turn up and hang around, we don’t want anyone distracting you or the studio team.

If you are here on behalf of a veteran it would be wonderful if you could bring a photo.  We would like, with your permission and their permission, to put a few photos at the end of the film next to your own image or your name.  We feel this will be a great help in the appeal, but if either of you are not comfortable then please refuse this point and your appearance in the film will be kept anonymous, we do not want to expose anyone to undue stress or public attention as a result of this film.

The Fund-Raising.

We are not raising funds for a single charity or good cause.  There are many causes out there and some are better than others.  There are also a few obscure ones that need help but don’t have the resources to reach a wider public.  Perhaps our efforts will be of greater help to them.

The donations will be collected through a regular crowd-funding channel then drawn down and disbursed to the good causes we feel are appropriate.

Michael, apart from founding Rumbler, has had many years’ experience in the finance sector.  In the past he has been responsible for disbursing money as a trusted person so he already has the facilities for those safe arrangements to see the funds reach good causes.

Michael is not connected to any particular good cause and is not in a position to work directly with any one cause for this project – this give him greater freedom to decide on how best to distribute funds which may have the greatest benefit for the beneficiaries.

We estimate that 93% of all the funds we raise can be disbursed, with 7% set aside to cover the banking, card processing and other administration fees during the campaign.  The campaign donations page will be open long term in case we are very, very successful, especially if we can repeat the campaign in future years.

Our Aim.

Michael is very confident that, with your support, this can be a beautiful campaign.

Our ideal aim will be to raise hundreds of thousands but it will all begin with you.  Are you up for a fun day at the studio, can you spare a few hours to join us?  Are you happy to speak in front of the camera and let your feelings speak for all those without a voice?

Leave your details here and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

And if you don’t feel you can be a part of this, but you know someone who might have a better voice for this, then please tell them and point them here today.

If you’d like to learn more and volunteer then please leave your details here and Michael will be in touch when he has a few moments to spare.