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Team Rumbler – A Unique TV Show

Imagine being at the foundation and birth of a new supercar.

The climate change apocalypse of doom is a fantasy of protestors and politicians, it’s being fixed by designers and engineers around the world and Rumbler Cars is part of that great movement to make the world a healthier and better place – by building the ultimate dream car – the Batmobile for Real.

Inspired by the fictional Batmobile the Rumbler Sport Tank is a high performance luxury British supercar that will embody new and unique engine and power technologies to improve performance and reduce air pollution. This is one part of its contribution to solving the problems of climate change long before any delusional apocalypse.

The other part is the money – the vast sums involved in creating, testing, building and delivering this dream supercar.

From first concept work and kick-starting it with a crowd of public investors, through design, development testing to destruction-testing around the world’s wildest corners, from the freezing winters in Norway to the blazing heat of the deserts, the car will be taken and tested to meet the demands of its customers – the super rich.

The £6 Billion Supercar

Only a thousand cars will be built to the highest standards and delivered to superrich clients around the world – the real superheroes, and superheroines, who are buying this ultimate driving experience.

Their support will raise six billion pounds ($10 billion) for the development of the Rumbler Sport Tank and create its new power train, its super-efficient engine and new fuel cell technologies.

TV Show

The public will join us to share and enjoy our adventures. Batman fans and supercar enthusiasts around the world, million of fans, millions of followers, years of adventure.

They will join us on TV around the world. We plan to document the highlights and dramas, the experiences and lessons of creating a new supercar business from ground up. Follow each step of our journey over the next five years as we raise the funds, create the first prototypes, tour the world then begin the real challenges of building and testing every component and new technology to meet the highest standards of luxury and heavy-duty performance in the world.

Our Channel/Your Channel

Our experiences will be broadcast world-wide to our fans and followers. Either alone through online services and our own dedicated Team Rumbler community portal or through an entertainment media partnership with the right media broadcaster. If you represent a key broadcaster you need to reach us here and discuss how you can become involved with the supercar to save the world.

There is NO climate apocalypse, there IS The Rumbler Sport Tank.

Your adventure begins here, now. Welcome to our world.

TV Commissioning?

Contact founder Michael Bond at Rumbler Cars to discuss the opportunity of commissioning Team Rumbler to your channel for the next three to five years.

Invest Now

The Peer-To-Peer Investment Opportunity for Qualified Private Investors.

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