Solving a problem for the British Army and RAF – to create a single aircraft to serve the broadest range of uses, from rescue, transport, through gunship to long range observation/patrol.

Turbodyne is a draft concept for an all-British A VTOL/STOL aircraft that draws on one of the most successful British designs in the world, the legendary Fairy Rotordyne, and brings the core technology up-to-date in a price-competitive package to meet current and near-future British military needs.

The heart of the design is to create a single aircraft that meets the widest practical range of uses. Rather than try to create a range of specialist aircraft, all the key elements of a number of functions are built into this one aircraft. This allows a single development and production programme to meet a range of needs.

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Images for illustrative purposes only. Original draft designs from 2009. Not definitive for current design concepts and technical potential. It will get a lot better, if requested.


One aspect of the Turbodyne was its potential role in a rescue plan for Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire. This never happened. Learn more on Michael’s personal site.