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“Your Adventure Of A Lifetime!”

Welcome to Team Rumbler, where you begin your adventure.

Team Rumbler, where you become part of the creation of a totally new supercar experience for the world, where you become part of the supporters team to help deliver this dream to the world.

You are now part of the adventure, part of the Rumbler story as one of our supporters.  Team Rumbler is all about you supporting and sharing in the dream of creating a totally new supercar and turning the dream inspired by the fictional Batmobile into dramatic reality. Here you can be a supporter enjoying the ride, the experiences, the adventures, or spread the word and share your experiences with family and friends, or come to invest in the Rumbler and share in the rewards of creating this unique high performance luxury supercar to save the world.

Team Rumbler is your membership to a unique and special club of enthusiastic supporters and investors from around the world.  Here you give your support, spread the word to all your friends and every enthusiast around the world, or make a contribution to the project and see that turned into an investment.

“Supporters’ Club, Investors’ Club.”

Investing Your Support

You see the Rumbler on the road, on TV, in the press.  Imagine being able to turn to your friends and say: “I helped build that.”

You see the benefits of the new design and engine technologies as they improve the world.  Imagine being able to tell all your friends: “I helped make that happen”.

Welcome to the superheroes and heroines of the world – You!

Team Rumbler is where you can support and share in the rewards of the Rumbler Sport Tank’s development and delivery to the world, share in the adventure and enjoy the rewards of saving the world.

Learn About Investing In Rumbler Cars

As a member of Team Rumbler, our private supporters club, you are entitled to read the investment materials, the prospectus and pitch deck and view Michael’s presentations to learn all about the plans and opportunity for sharing in the rewards of Rumbler Cars through Rumbler Investment Bonds.
(Use THIS LINK, not the one in the footer, THIS is direct to the investor information page.)

“Share The Rewards.”


Team Rumbler is an online community of supporters around the world sharing the dream and following the adventure from the very beginning.  Team Rumbler is your chance to make a contribution to improving the world and sharing in the rewards.

This is just the beginning. As our fund-raising grows so the community grows around the world and more features, events, activities, special opportunities will be announced for you, here or through the newsletter you’ve subscribed to when becoming a member here.

(Please note that if you unsubscribe from the newsletter this might automatically remove you from the general Membership list, unless you have made an investment in the Rumbler project – a separate list.)

As an early supporting investor you will receive special benefits and opportunities closed off from all those who follow in years to-come, a unique thank you from the founder for your trust and support of his vision of creating something that could change millions of lives around the world.

(News to come on this in due course.
Note that some benefits are for private individuals only, not for corporate, institutional, group or other suchlike association investors.)

“I Helped Make THIS Happen!”

A Unique Vision To Change The World

Rumbler Cars and the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank is a unique vision. We design and deliver a unique experience with a unique high performance luxury British supercar. Through this we will all, Rumbler, you, our supporters, our investors and our customers will pool skill, resources and our shared interests to build something spectacular and show the world what is possible. And for the rest of your life you will be able to say, to your family, your friends, everyone: I Helped Make THIS Happen!

Enjoy the ride.

Illustration of Rumbler 505 Sport Tank - Brochure