Snowlander Design Remains Confidential for the present.

Design of the Snowlander cannot be disclosed at this stage. As per the video the following samples illustrate Michael’s design principles, for bold, distinctive and practical engineering forms to achieve a key target, whether for performance or unique styling.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

A bold and strikingly dynamic style for the Ultimate VIP superhero adventure driving experience with a range of advanced technology entertainment, comfort and security features mounted on military-grade engineering.
(Not illustrative of the Snowlander.)

Dynamic Design

Here technical performance is illustrated with the “roadsweeper” front wheels leading ahead of the deflective “arrowhead” core armoured body to diffuse lighter land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to keep VIP owners safe in their adventures.
(Not illustrative of the Snowlander.)

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Snowlander Benefits & Applications

  • Advanced technology high performance all-terrain snow-sand-sea mobility transport.
  • Support and deploy up to 2,000 personnel for the budget of a single modern Western tank.
  • Enough Snowlanders in this package to move over three battalions of infantry or a wide range of special forces, emergency services, support or special warfare teams.
  • Snow-Sand-Sea mobility around the world, marine amphibious operations, mountain and arctic warfare, guerilla/flanking force deployment, air portable deployment by helicopter through to amphibious transport across widely-distributed island groups, fiords, long coastlines, wide-open terrain, plains and steppe, etc.
  • Long range mobility for special forces/patrol groups on large open terrain with a single seat, modest payload and sledge/trailer-towing for several days’ endurance in extreme environments. Or, arctic conditions, use one vehicle to tow small patrols of 2-4 persons on skis with kit for single or multiple day operations.
  • With two or more nations sharing a common technology there are shared benefits in training, support, and deployment.
  • Pooling resources and teams through NATO or other alliance means a greater common force can be created and operated together, for example, Norway, Sweden, Finland working in concert with common base organisation and equipment and the potential to distribute 6,000 snowmobiles (2,000 per nation) on a common front should it be needed.
  • Common support means that training and technology support bases all share the same supply, spares, tools and trained personnel to a common standard.
  • Having at least 2,000 snowmobiles, organised in, for example, 150-250 (8-12 person) combat teams operating in a widely-distributed loose formation may create a variety of tactical networks operating aerial drones from each team. A surveillance network, aerial communications drone “satellite” web network or a strike network could cover a large territory from these 150-250 points.
  • In times of long peace some or all the vehicles may be assigned to civilian police and rescue agencies in “bush” territory to take advantage of this investment and have them ready-to-hand for quick adaption into national defence in time of crisis. A local home defence volunteer force may have the facilities to make an overnight switch from civilian to military role.
  • When the snowmobiles reach the end of their useful life Rumbler will take them off your hands and refurbish them for release to the civil sport/adventure/tourist markets or recycle them for next generation replacements.