Legal Notices & Information

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Legal Notices & Information

Rumbler Cars is part of a wider strategy created by the founder to resolve many of the world’s environmental & economic problems.  This is the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

PRIVACY: All information is kept private and will not be used by any other organizations than those in the core of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.  It will NOT be sold to or shared with any outside agency.

MAILING LIST: You may receive occasional news about:-

  • Progress of Rumbler.
  • New ideas, developments and opportunities,
  • Job vacancies/offers,
  • Invitations to contract tenders for you or your organization,
  • Other special benefits which may be of interest to Rumbler’s subscribers, sponsors & supporters.

You will be given the opportunity to opt out of any further news, information and opportunities when you receive these notices.

NON-SOLICITATION: This is NOT a solicitation to invest.  If you wish to invest in the Rumbler then Join Team Rumbler or make contact for confidential discussions or details of where and how to make a secure investment.

NO THIRD PARTY INVESTMENT AGENCIES:  No third party investment agencies or representatives are employed for fund-raising by Rumbler.  All contact will be made through this site to the locations where you can safely make an contribution/investment.  If in any doubt whatsoever then TAKE NO ACTION until you have consulted Rumbler directly through this web site.

COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY:  Some information regarding the Rumbler and the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan remains commercially confidential and will only be disclosed to those who have shown their commitment to these offerings.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS:  All IP rights, for designs, trade marks, copyrights, applicable patents, registered or otherwise, unless otherwise stated, remain the sole title of the founder, Michael Bond, and no copying, reproduction or other use, commercial or otherwise, is permitted without his express written permission.

COMPANY IDENTITY & LEGALITIES: Formal trading activities conducted through Rumbler Cars Ltd, Registered Company (England & Wales) Number. 9884993.  Registered Address: Station Road, Stockport, Cheshire, UK.  Further terms and conditions of service will be established in due course and appended here.  All initial fund-raising will be conducted through the Team Rumbler crowd appeal and appropriate legal conditions of that process.

TEAM RUMBLER: Special rules will apply to membership of and activity within Team Rumbler.

  • Team Rumbler is a public membership community of supporters, friends and others active in supporting, promoting and sharing in the adventure and rewards of the Rumbler Sport Tank project. As a public community it may attract the attention of disreputable elements in the world community: “trolls”, stalkers and other individuals or agencies. To protect the community from the activities of all such and similar agencies membership of Team Rumbler is open only to those who have made, or received as a gift, a contribution in support of the ambitions of the Rumbler Sport Tank and the founder’s dream of making the world a better place for all good people.
  • AUTHENTIC MEMBERSHIP: To this end we must ensure we know the authentic identity of every member through your payment of a contribution. In this we we hope to give a measure of reassurance to all members that they are less likely to be harassed in any manner – because we know where you live and we’ll send The Man around if you’re naughty (the Bat and Mr D. Pool are currently busy saving the world against SuperVillains and President Tweet).
  • GIFT TO ADULTS: If you have made a gift of a donation/investment to an adult third party then they will be required to register their membership of Team Rumbler with a nominal payment of £1.00 plus services charges (typically the transaction processing fee of 3% + approximately £0.40 levied by the Banks).
  • GIFT TO CHILDREN: If you have made a gift to someone underage, a child, then you can register their account under your own for free.  However, if you exploit this by gifting accounts to other adults which are then used for malicious, criminal or stupid purposes then you must accept personal liability for their activities in your name.
  • PENALTIES FOR ABUSE: If any account is used for malicious, criminal or other destructive purposed the we reserve the right to cancel your membership and keep your financial deposits, earnings and prize winnings.
  • FOR CLARITY:  In recent decades it has become commonly-accepted that insults, slurs, hatred may be spoken in public about any person with no concern about the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual harm this may cause, to the point of causing some people to commit suicide under the pressures of this harassment.  Led by the examples of free speech in tabloid news media, from radical politicians and radical priests the world has become used to the idea that you can spew hatred, insult, attack and harass any person in the world from the safety of your home, parent’s basement/lair, Presidential Palace or High Church.  Hatred and fear are swamping the world and there is very little we can do about this in public arenas (a bit like ancient gladiatorial arenas for mass slaughter and public entertainment, we’ve not really evolved that far since those primitive times).  As a private community of people who want to make the world a better place through new technology advancement Team Rumbler must expect and set higher standards of mutual respect and responsible personal conduct.  By imposing a pay-to-enter regulation we hope this will moderate the tendency towards aggression online and create a healthier community for everyone.  And we still know where you live.  Be safe out there.

Rumbler & Team Rumbler Contacts & Data Policy

When making contact with Rumbler or Team Rumbler all information collected herein will be kept, secured to the best of our ability and used only for your engagement with us.  No information will be sold or shared with other outside agencies without your express prior permission except where required by law.  Governing laws of information and client protection are those of the UK (England & Wales).