Date: Monday, 5th, December, 2022

Introduction to the MINK (Battleaxe SPV) Confidential OFFICIAL

The MINK (MiniTank) was first conceived as an answer to an amphibious high performance compact fighting vehicle for open terrain and built-up areas, with the need to cross most forms of inshore water, scale or clear obstacles and have the capability to shoot high into surrounding buildings, hills, mountains, forests.

Battleaxe SPV (Strike Patrol Vehicle)

This is the latest incarnation of the MINK as a future light tank replacement for British Army equipment. It has been drafted in response to recent failings in the British Ministry of Defence Ajax light tank design and development. MINK/Battleaxe offers a better 21st century design concept.

The core design is a modular shell in three compartments for weapons (1), crew (2), power (3). A high agility amphibious body can mount a range of lightweight and intermediate weaponry, from small close-protection light machine guns, through heavy machine gun and grenade launcher to a bank of upto 400 x 2.5 inch missiles.

The modularity allows for a wide range of options to be added to or swapped in and out of the hull for long term future upgrades.

Documentation (Confidential OFFICIAL)

For a brief (1-page) Executive Summary DOWNLOAD THIS.

For a Full (10-page) Description of the Battleaxe and some options for its various designs DOWNLOAD THIS.

Battleaxe Heavy Weapons fit


In light of the extremely tight economic conditions facing the UK economy at present (winter 2022) there are solutions to the financial challenges that will deliver the Battleaxe partly by piggy-back off the civilian Rumbler Sport Tank and partly by new financial arrangements to offset substantial long term costs of design and final delivery. Effect ought to be cheaper than the Ajax project by 20-30% for delivery of block orders of 1,000 units per block.

Battleaxe Heavy Weapons fit