Davos 2020

Davos – Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg and Michael Bond

Which one is saving the world?

PRESS RELEASE – Date: Thursday, 23rd, January, 2020

This week at the Davos World Economic Forum HRH Prince Charles had a meeting with climate activist Greta Thunberg.  He spoke at the event and announced the need for a ‘game-changing’ paradigm shift in the world economy to solve its environmental problems. She spoke at the event and declared that the world was doing ‘basically nothing’ to solve climate change.  Meanwhile, in the small town of Stockport in the North of England, technology innovator Michael Bond was working on the very solutions they were seeking. He believes that his vision could solve the threat of climate change and bring the world closer to a carbon neutral environmental balance within forty years.

Climate change IS being solved. Game-changing financial and technological models are being developed by the likes of Michael Bond to transform the world. 

Bond’s plan relies on raising the funds from the same people with whom the Prince and Ms Thunberg were speaking in the past few days – the wealthy, powerful and influential. His method is to create the technology to fix climate change in the automotive industry, package it in an unique supercar design and deliver it world-wide to every investor, collector, or enthusiast that wants to enjoy the experience of owning something outstanding and contribute to the new technological innovations that will solve the issues.

The car he has designed over the last few years is a luxury supercar inspired by comic book fantasy images of the ‘Batmobile’ – a bold and dramatic vision to inspire the world, which he calls the Rumbler Sport Tank. The Sport Tank will begin with an advanced hybrid engine to improve the efficiency of current technology, progressing to Hydrogen Fuel Cells and other concepts.

As a ‘game-changing’ business model to satisfy a royal Prince, Rumbler’s wealthy VIP customers will enjoy the superhero adventure, with a Limited Edition production run of the Sport Tank. Its sales around the world will raise substantial development funding and help to crack some of the world’s climate change problems en-route.

Michael is planning currently a launch of the Rumbler to the public, with a crowd funding appeal. As there are millions of Batman and supercar enthusiasts around the world, he sees plenty of opportunities for the public to join him, to share in the adventure and rewards of creating a modern ‘Batmobile’ for real. 

Naturally, it does come in black.

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Tesla Question

Did Elon Musk and Tesla Motors get the design inspiration for their CyberTruck from British designer Michael Bond’s Rumbler Sport Tank?

At the end of 2019 Tesla Motors launched their speculative concept design for the CyberTruck, complete with not-bulletproof windows. But one question that came up in certain quarters in England was – did Tesla get their inspiration from US? Did Tesla take ideas from Rumbler?

Let’s take a look at the two and then compare details.

Illustration of Rumbler versus Cybertruck

The wedge shape is apparent, and while the Rumbler aims to have real bulletproof windows for its VIP owners, the Tesla just has broken glass. That’s where the external comparison stops. The Tesla CyberTruck is promoted as just an electric pickup truck, the Rumbler is a Very Different beast. Here are the highlights.

IS it bulletproof?

Rumbler: Yes. Full protection for our VIP owners and superheroes against all those Jokers in the world.

Tesla: Obviously NOT, as clearly demonstrated by the inimitable Mr Musk himself on the day of the launch.

Is it wedge-shaped?

Rumbler: Yes. Because it looks amazing, awesome and great for deflection of bullets to protect our VIPs.

Tesla: Yes, but we have not idea why, it’s supposed to be a pickup truck, a more practical shape would have been the better choice.

IS it blastproof?

Rumbler: Yes. Our VIP protection extends to the body shape and structure to resist, deflect and diffuse the blastwaves of smaller to moderate-sized IEDs.

Tesla: Given the performance of the windows let’s say NO.

IS it practical off-road?

Rumbler: Yes. It has the same ground clearance ratio of height to wheelbase of a Range Rover, so that should suit most uses for chasing jokers through the night or escaping a zombie apocalypse/ LA traffic.

Tesla: Well, erm, it doesn’t look that practical, maybe good for a potter around the garden.

IS it comfortable?

Rumbler: Yes. It’s a luxury grand tourer wrapped in the shell of an armoured car. Should keep the zombies on the outside and you wrapped in comfort within.

Tesla: If you like that kind of thing.

Has it a good range?

Rumbler: Yes. Intended for long range safaris across deserts, steppe and more. Ideally, if you handle it well, should give you around 500-800 miles.

Tesla: It’s electric, they’re good for a couple of hundred miles, on a good day. And you can stop and enjoy the scenery while you recharge it, somewhere.

How big is it?

Rumbler: Bigger than a Range Rover. That’s the 2-seat version. The 4-seat version is bigger than that.

Two-Seat is:-
Width: 8′ 9″
Height: 5′ 9″
Length: 17′ 9″

Tesla: Yeah, that too.

Double-cab (5/6-seater?) is:-
Width: 6′ 7.8″
Height: 6′ 3″
Length: 19′ 11.7″

Is it environmentally friendly?

Rumbler: Yes, a veg/bio-fuelled hybrid with cleaner engine, cleaner exhaust, battery system, roof deck solar panels, and much more to-come. Use it anywhere in the world.

Tesla: It’s got batteries. That’s it.

It is stealth?

Rumbler: Yes. If you’re a superhero or VIP and need to escape and evade all those pesky jokers in the world this is the car for you. (Be careful out there.)

Tesla: No, it’s a pick up truck.

What’s the price?

Rumbler: If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it. But we both know you’re wealthy beyond dreams. Come and join us for your superhero adventure.

Tesla: $100 deposit, then add the price of a couple of Apple computers with all the options.

Do you have a big development team?

Rumbler: One man in England designed it all.

Tesla: Yes, the design team is amazing, look what they designed!

How much did it cost to develop ?

Rumbler: Thousands of pounds in English money. (Investors welcome to come and join.)

Tesla: Thousands of millions of dollars, can’t you see it in the design?

The Rumbler has been in development for several years as its creator Michael Bond worked alone to master the skills and prepare to raise the funds. Tesla in the meantime has access to thousands of millions of dollars in funding and a huge workforce.

If you dream of the ultimate superhero’s supercar then come and join Team Rumbler and share the adventure today.