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Limited Edition Hand-Crafted
British Leather Luxury
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Tiger Pack illustration

Michael Bond, designer of the Rumbler supercar, has created a limited edition hand-crafted luxury leather travel pack for all those who want a special and functional accessory on their international travels.

A great gift for those who travel around the world, for those who live the luxury lifestyle and those who want a practical answer to carrying your most essential elements of safe travel anywhere in the world.

This is special opportunity for anyone wanting to earn a second income.  Do you mingle with money, do you have networks of friends, contacts and community who appreciate the luxury of leather and the sensibility of practicality?

In keeping with the Rumbler style of exotic practicality the Tiger Pack is specially designed to meet the needs of anyone who travels in luxury.  The Tiger Pack combines elements of luxury wallet, passport holder and smartphone carrier in a superhero-style utility belt pack.

Register to become a reseller and meet Michael, learn more about your income opportunity and see how useful and beautiful this will be for all your contacts.

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