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There is a gap in the financial market for new-start businesses.

Originally this was occupied by the likes of Kickstarter and Indigogo.  They are now swamped with established businesses backed by huge marketing budgets, but the need remains.

Other businesses such as Seedrs or CrowdCube claim to fill the gap but they fail, cherry-picking their way through the market and leaving others on the side.

There is still the gap for new seed funding.  This is the gap we will fill with Team Rumbler and you can share in the rewards.

The Seed Gap

Every new venture begins with a flash of inspiration, and no one is willing to fund bright ideas.  Except the public.  Ordinary subscribers can choose to support new ideas where even the wildest venture investors and angels run away.  Ordinary members of the public can subscribe to our club, Team Rumbler, with modest contributions, micro-investment, and share in the rewards when other's turn their backs on new ideas.

For Team Rumbler there is a radical new business model, a new product and a potentially vast market of supporters world-wide.  But even Team Rumbler needs support.

This is an opportunity for bold and adventurous seed investors, angels and others, to come and share in the creation of a new portal on the world.  Team Rumbler will be established as an online, international micro-investment portal with your support.  It will open the gates for millions of subscribers around the world to come and join us.

Come and join Team Rumbler now, help create this new solution to the seed funding crisis and share in the rewards of this special opportunity.

Leave your detail here or learn more about Rumbler and judge for yourself, can you too see the opportunity, the millions of fans and supporters we could recruit into this new crowd funding club, Team Rumbler?

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