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Welcome To Rumbler Cars
Team Investment Bond Issue

“How would you like to earn a high return on investment
per year in a project that’s absolutely awesome?”

The world needs hope, the world needs glamour, the world needs excitement, the world needs the dream team to make it come true. The world needs YOU!

Join the Team, Share the Dream.

To help you understand the opportunity and learn about Michael’s thinking for the Limited Edition Sport Tank project he has prepared a number of presentations on key topics. These will explain the business proposition and your role as an investor to take the project to the next level.


Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Pitch Deck

If you have not already done so you can read the Pitch Deck for the project HERE. Treat this as your initial prospectus as it contains the basic facts and figures to assess the project for your interest.

Rumbler Investment Offer Document

Learn more about the Private Investment Offer for Rumbler Bonds. If you haven’t already read the Private Investment Offer document then get it here:-

DOWNLOAD the investment document and learn more about this opportunity now.

Origin Story

Just in case you forgot, here’s the origin story from the front page. If you’ve just arrived from there, you can skip this until you need a refresher.

Minimum Viable Product

In modern business modelling the ideal process of product development and delivery is rapid iterative development cycle: creating your minimum viable product (MVP) then rapidly improving it in light of prospective and actual customer response. What is the MVP for the Rumbler Sport Tank? Michael explains in the following video.

£5,000 Million Green Tech.

In British automotive manufacturing industry we face a tremendous challenge to raise the money needed for investment in transforming the industry to a completely clean, green and lean industry. With political initiatives from the government in London commanding the end of manufacture for petrol and diesel engines in the year 2035 there is an enormous hurdle to face in making the transition into new technology. Hear Michael’s answer.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are all the rage, amongst some people, but what is the thinking on EVs behind the plan for the Rumbler Sport Tank? Michael answers the electric question here.

The Team

Who are the team? How will the project be organised and managed? Learn about how Michael will assemble the Heroic Rumbler Management Team for this world-saving ambition, in this presentation.

The Name’s Bond…

Who? The answer’s here…

Investors Contacts Form

Invest Now (coming soon)

Now you’ve seen the presentations it’s time to begin your adventure as investor. The investment link will appear soon and put you directly into the payment pages.