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Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Learn how to invest in the Rumbler Sport Tank & Share in all the fun and rewards. Join the Crowd.  Join Team Rumbler here and now.

From Supporters To Investors


"Donations - How It All Works"

It begins with a donation to Team Rumbler.

Donations will pay for the legal set-up, the lawyers, the accountants and the governments certificates that permit Team Rumbler to convert your donations into legal investments.  A small donation can make a big change in this action plan to save the world with this revolutionary supercar.




"Conversion to Investment"

You know how it goes, you can't do anything without permission from the government, licenses and certificates that formerly turn your donation into a legal investment.  Without your donations there's no way to become an investor.

Like everything to do with finance nowadays there are risks in making a donation and I can't make any promises or commitments to you at this stage, but when the conversion takes place the real adventure begins.

The following notes are a draft of the core features and your benefits from becoming a donor and the rewards you may see from conversion to investment.



"Draft Benefits & The Bank Of Rumbler"

The draft plan for all conversions is to give you a bond of commitment from Rumbler Cars Ltd.  Your donations will be converted into income-earning benefits, like putting your money in the bank to earn interest.  Here you are cutting out the banks and making your investment directly into the Rumbler project.  That also means you earn more money here than if you left your money in the bank.  Think of this plan as the Bank of Rumbler.

For every year you are a donor/investor part of Team Rumbler you will receive 20% interest added to the value of your commitment.  Example, if you made a donation/investment of £1,000 you will be earning £200 each year added to the value of your bonds until repayment as your share of the rewards in saving the world.

"20% Interest A Year & Minimum 160% Return On Investment"

A Special Bonus of the draft plan for all donors is that your donations will be repaid as quickly as possible to reduce your risk.  The minimum repayment will be set at 160%.  Example, if you donated £1,000 and this was converted to investment then you will receive at least £1,600 repayment when it becomes possible.  This means that if you are repaid in year 1 you will receive £1,600, if in year 2 you would receive £1,600, if in year 3 you would receive £1,600, if in year 4 you would receive £1,800, because 20% (£200) is added to the value each year, but there is a minimum of three years' interest for your reward in supporting the Rumbler Sport Tank's development.


"The Lucky Winner Is..!"

I am investigating the possibility of offering a unique incentive and special reward - a prize draw for every donating member of Team Rumbler.  Approvals are needed for this (which is why we need donations to pay the lawyers to make it happen safely for everyone) but I believe this is a legal way for you to win one Rumbler 505 Sport Tank.  For every £8 you donate/invest there is a chance to win the prize - your very own supercar.  Imagine for a minimum donation of just £40 you will eventually have five chances of winning your own Sport Tank, and for every £1,000 that means a hundred and twenty-five chances of winning.

Perhaps you will be the one to win a million pound supercar.  Every Rumbler has a unique production number and your winning prize will be No.8 off the production line.



Join The Team, Share The Dream

Make a donation to this unique project and help launch the supercar to save the world.

Your successful donations will pay for all the legal matters in converting this idea into a venture for everyone to join and enjoy.  Your support will be used primarily for legal and related fees, for transformation of your donation into an investment and the advancement of the project to the next level.

To-date I, as founder, have invested all my time and funds into this project.  Now it is time for you to come and join me.

The target is to raise at least £100,000 to cover all costs of formal set-up.  Then we can begin turning the dream into a reality for the world to enjoy.


  • Become part of the British supercar industry - Team Rumbler.
  • Earn 20% a year on your investment.
  • Multiple chances to win a £1 million supercar, "No.8" in the production line.
  • Contribute to solving the world's environmental problems.

Welcome To Team Rumbler

As a member of Team Rumbler's donor community you will be participating in the development and delivery of one thousand limited edition of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank.  These will be distributed world-wide to collectors, enthusiasts and everyone else who dreams of owning this unique and innovative supercar.  The contributions of our customers, our superheroes, will help develop new technologies in engine and power efficiency and reduce air pollution in the world.  It begins with you, your support, your donations will make this happen today.


This is NOT a solicitation to invest.  These are draft notes of plans to-come, not commitments at this stage.  Your donations will help turn these plans into a reality as soon as possible, so come and join me and Team Rumbler today.

- Michael Bond, Founder & Designer of the Rumbler Sport Tank.


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Sterling-Bond Financial Processing

All donations are processed through Sterling-Bond as a holding account until we reach a minimum target for funding the next stage in the project.  Sterling-Bond was founded by the Rumbler's designer Michael Bond in 2001 as a safe and neutral financial service for international business and those facilities will be used to protect your donations to the Rumbler.



Team Rumbler Donate To Invest is CLOSED now, to be superceeded by formal invitations to invest once the prospectus and public launch campaign have been prepared. Thanking everyone for their support, more to come when we're ready to roll.

Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

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