New Rumbler site ready for the world.

Welcome to the new Rumbler web site.  After contributions and friendly comments from many supporters the old web site has been completely redesigned to bring it up-to-date with the latest technologies.  In the process a few changes have been made to simplify and streamline everyone's experience.

If you've visited Rumbler in the past you'll remember the additional "Products", the Lamb Drover, the Ultra-Smart Watch and the CommMaster World Smartphone concepts.  These were design exercises and suggestions for future projects from founder Michael Bond.  They may return in the future as the site settles down but for now let's all focus on getting the Rumbler on the road.  In the next few weeks Rumbler will focus on world-wide announcements to bring this unique project to everyone's attention and raise all the support needed to take this stunning supercar into production.

Come and join Team Rumbler, and share in the adventure.