FinTech Developer Opportunity

IT, FinTech, and other fun techy buzzwords!

Opportunity for programming tech-developers to come and work with Rumbler.

Are you a Manchester/North West England-based technology developer/team? Are you looking for a new opportunity to grow and share in the rewards of Rumbler’s vision of a new supercar?

Are you willing to take up the challenge of helping bring new investment and prosperity into the region?

You’ve read all about the plans for a revolutionary new supercar with an advanced environmentally-friendly engine?

Would you like to join the founder Michael Bond in building the next step in this ambitious programme?

Rumbler are going to create the Team: supporters, fans, enthusiast who want to share in the adventure of creating the most dramatic supercar in the world. A team of investors and supporters from around the world.

This is your opportunity to be part of that process and build that core technology for the public to come from around the world and share in this adventure with us.

Rather than seek investment from the venture capital community, then pay for a programming team to undertake the development, we will cut out the intermediaries and invite you to invest your time and skill in helping take this project to the next step.

YOU, not the investors, will receive the rewards. You can share in this journey with us.

The plan is to create a new, high security dedicated online crowd funding portal for this unique project. This is not a white label of the standard crowd funding systems, it is a dedicated online service and portal into our world of adventure. This portal will fill a gap in the market left open when the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo moved upmarket and were deluged by well-funded mini-ventures, mostly from California and China, swamping them and drowning out real innovators.

The commercial crowd funding services, such as Seedrs and Crowd Cube, are equally inadequate to the unique visionary task of our demands.

Now we will build a new portal for investors to come directly to Rumbler and the supercar to save the world.

The portal will allow the public to subscribe to the project, become micro-investors, manage their investments, share in our unique private channel of news, films, updates and opportunities, participate in an online community, offer ideas and suggestions and much more.

If you feel you have the skills and time to set aside in the next few months and you’re interested in discussing this with Michael then drop a line and we’ll arrange a suitable opportunity to meet up.

NOTE that strict commercial rules and professional standards of confidentiality, security and technical stability will apply. We are creating a secure portal for the public around the world to come and join us. Ideally you will already have some experience in this field. We cannot afford to show any disrespect for their participation in this vision of a new supercar and their ongoing participation in this effort as our supporters and partners

For you the rewards will be as generous as for all our seed investors.

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