Autosport International 2019

Friday the 11th of January 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham.

A Unique Workshop:  The Batmobile for Real.
Innovation in Design to Revolutionize the Auto Industry.

How a new supercar can solve climate-change.

Michael Bond, designer of the Rumbler Sport Tank, the Batmobile for real, held a presentation to members of the automotive sector to explain the economic and environmental benefits of the Sport Tank's new engine design.

Michael spoke about the origins of the concept for the Sport Tank, the Batmobile for Real, and how he sees it pushing the advancement of technology and increasing investment in the British high technology automotive sector.  Beyond this he explained the broader opportunity to stimulate growing investment in new technologies and innovative designs to deal with the problems of climate change throughout the world automotive industry.

The culmination of Michael's solution is the proposition that upto £42,000,000,000 can be invested in UK manufacturing and delivery of the new engine to have a tangible effect on carbon emissions within 6-10 years, depending on the level of support and assistance from the government and rest of the industry.



Illustration of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Climate Change

Tuesday, 4th, December, 2018

Climate Change - Fixing It

Are you worried by all the issues of the world climate change? Worried about the unstoppable crisis we are all approaching? Do you feel we really are all doomed? Don't be worried, it's being fixed.

This week the world's politicians, environmental activists and other concerned bodies meet in Poland to discuss and decide on the future of the world environment. But they are not the ones who will really fix it.

The real answer lies in the hands of talented scientists, engineers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs around the world who are working day and night to fix it all.

The politicians and bureaucrats will make their grand announcements, but behind the scenes there are all the deals, compromises and smudges of ink on their great proclamations. Some will agree with the need for action, some will brush it aside as a nonsense or conspiracy of propaganda, or fake news as it's now called.

None of it matters to the engineers who are already building the solutions around the world.

Don't misunderstand. Some politicians will proclaim grand visions of the future and encourage us all to embrace that vision, but look where that led us when their chorus cried out the wonders of diesel engines decades ago and we were all encouraged, cajoled and bribed with tax benefits to buy, buy, buy diesel. Today they brush all that aside in their new song of electric cars, never mind the huge environmental effects of mining and processing rare metals around the world. They will not speak even a soft word for the limited mineral resources available for all the electric batteries we will need in their future vision, nor for the shorter lifespan of batteries (years) compared to combustion engines (decades).

Electric is the solution of the day, but not the only solution. You hear little of all the other innovations around the world. They are slowly, carefully making their way to resolving all the world's problems, hidden in the shadows and noise of the political stage shows.

This may sound like a simplistic statement, and I know there are thousands of complex details, financial, political, technical, scientific, that must be dealt with. That is why we must focus more on the answers and how to use them, not the problems and the obstacles they pose. There are ways of overcoming all the obstacles we seem to face today. So, when you read yet another outcry that the world is doomed, it isn't.  The future is going to be a lot brighter for everyone.

Michael Bond,
Designer of the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank



Michael has designed the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank as a solution to air pollution in vehicle design through innovation in engine technology. The Rumbler 505 embodies a new high efficiency hybrid engine design that will reduce air pollution and fuel consumption by at least 20%. This is the first step in a progressive evolution planned over the next twenty years to solve the issues of air pollution from urban traffic.

New Rumbler site ready for the world.

Welcome to the new Rumbler web site.  After contributions and friendly comments from many supporters the old web site has been completely redesigned to bring it up-to-date with the latest technologies.  In the process a few changes have been made to simplify and streamline everyone's experience.

If you've visited Rumbler in the past you'll remember the additional "Products", the Lamb Drover, the Ultra-Smart Watch and the CommMaster World Smartphone concepts.  These were design exercises and suggestions for future projects from founder Michael Bond.  They may return in the future as the site settles down but for now let's all focus on getting the Rumbler on the road.  In the next few weeks Rumbler will focus on world-wide announcements to bring this unique project to everyone's attention and raise all the support needed to take this stunning supercar into production.

Come and join Team Rumbler, and share in the adventure.